Video 27: Fussy Cutting

Here’s a buzz word: Fussy Cut. What exactly is fussy cutting? And why cut this way?

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Video 4: Squaring Up Your Quilt

As you get ready for binding, it’s important that the quilt is straight. Our fourth video shows how to cut around your quilt making it ready for binding.

A special thank you to Karen Reardon for letting us use her quilt, “Sunshine and Shadows” for the demonstration!

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Video 3: Pressing a Seam

Week 3, and it’s a short video. Not a whole lot of time this week as we were busy with the North Carolina Quilt Symposium. This video shows setting your stitches and how to press out getting a flat seam. I normally use a very hot dry iron. The video has been uploaded to Vimeo (posted below) and YouTube.

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How to Make a Perfect Cut

We are excited to present the first of a series of videos we’ll be doing over the next couple of months! I’ve been pushing Aimee to do this for the last two years! We’re going to try and keep them short and informative. We hope you find them helpful. Let us know what you think in the comments below or just send us an email.

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