Video 27: Fussy Cutting

Here’s a buzz word: Fussy Cut. What exactly is fussy cutting? And why cut this way?

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Video 20: Chain Piecing

Chain piecing allows you to save thread and sew your units quickly. Start with a small piece of fabric and add the units one by one. You don’t want to overlap them, feed one unit at a time leaving two stitches in between each unit. Once your units are sewn, clip between the units and you are now ready to move to the next step in your block.

Stiletto: a pointy stick used to help feed fabric and helps keep seams in place.

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Video 5: How to Join Strips for Borders and Bindings

Joining your strips on a diagonal makes the seam almost invisible. On a binding the bulk of the seam is distributed making the binding sit even throughout the quilt.

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Video 4: Squaring Up Your Quilt

As you get ready for binding, it’s important that the quilt is straight. Our fourth video shows how to cut around your quilt making it ready for binding.

A special thank you to Karen Reardon for letting us use her quilt, “Sunshine and Shadows” for the demonstration!

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