Video 14: Pillowcases

A fun and easy way to make pillowcases for everyone on your holiday gift list. This tubing technique will hide all those seams.Fabric requirements: 1/4 yd for Sleeve, 3/4 yd for body and 1/8 yd for accent piece.

When the kids were little we gave presents in pillowcases, I figured I spent the same amount of money on gift bags, tissue and string and it all got thrown away. A pillowcase they kept and used over and over again.

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  1. may i please know what type of sewing machine are you using this is vital information for my art-word .. i would appreciate it if you would tell me please….

  2. Another great video. Only thing that was irritating was that Aimee kept calling the project a quilt instead of a pillowcase!

    1. OK, my lawyer got back to me today and there is nothing illegal about this weapon. so feel free and runn out and buy a couple thanks for the heads up though, I ape»eciatpïr¿ people trying to help.

  3. Thanks for your comment, hope it didn’t drive you too crazy listening to me say quilt, guess I had quilt in my head instead of pillowcase!

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  4. to bad you could not keep your thoughts for yourself and enjoy the work she did for us. And most of all Appreciate it.

  5. thank you ~ great video and if I could make a beautiful quilt like you did~I would have it on my mind too~! Keep up the good work and ignore the negative comments~I love my new case~thanks to you~!

  6. Thank you for this Video, LOVED it all but the Quilt on the wall is beautiful what is it? what is the name of the pattern? info on it?
    Barbara from Kissimmee, Fl.

  7. Thanks Barbara! The quilt is called Windows on Point and you can find it in our online shop under patterns.

  8. Thank you SO MUCH for this very well explained and easy to follow tutorial. It’s one of the very best I’ve watched. If I were you I wouldn’t pay any attention to the comments about how you said “quilt” instead of “pillowcase.” We know it’s a pillowcase and just a slip of the tongue, good grief. It didn’t bother me at all! I greatly appreciate you taking time to teach this technqiue. Since watching it I have made lovely pillowcases and fallen in love with sewing.

    1. tak się składa że posiadam 1.8t w A4. z silnikiem nie mam żadnych problemów – przejechane 40 000 km. elctysazność bardzo dobra, dużo mocy. posiadam wersje 150 km. Nie zamieniłbym na żaden inny silnik benzynowy ani na żadne tdi.

  9. I am new to sewing and this looks like a great, easy project to try. I was wondering if there was a way to add a pocket/envelope/flap at the open end so that the pillow doesn’t slip out while sleeping? Awesome tutorial!

  10. I will be making 2 different patterns of pillowcases to take to my two granddaughters in KS (I live in GA), when they’re baby sister is born late May, 2013). I’m planning on making as many as I can for the Million Pillowcase Challenge. IF my local Hancock’s or Joan’s doesn’t participate in this challenge, do you now where I can mail them to? GREAT tutorial. BTW, I use the folded method instead of the fan – I find it easier for me to keep things tidy. I didn’t even notice you kept saying quilt.

  11. I am interested in the measurements for a king size pillow case. Your tutorial was so good and the person doing the filming was awesome. Can’t wait to begin making these pillow cases. Awesome job!!! Thanks

  12. Great tutorial & very detailed! I didn’t know so many there were so many steps into making a pillow case.

  13. Your gentle way of explaining things is a pleasure. I’ve made the pillowcases as you have shown, both with the trim and without and they came out great. Thank you so much Aimee for your tutorials!!

  14. You would need to make the top – pink – piece much longer. The length of the inside fold that is normally found on pillows. An extra 6 – 8″. You will then have this pocket on both the top and bottom of the pillow – makes for even wear of the sides in the long run.

  15. Very well explained! Your final product is Perfect! I can’t wait to begin making pillowcases for gifts. Thank you for teaching us something wonderful.

  16. I have a question. I want to add words to the top flap of the pillowcase and applique them on before I make the pillowcase. On that pink fabric what ends up to be the outside so that I will put the words on the right side? I hope this makes sense! Barb

  17. Hi Barbara! The sleeve sits right side up, and lettering right side up as well. That should make the sleeve right once you sew it all together. Take a picture and send to us when you are finished. I’d love to see it!

  18. Love this pillow slip. So easy. Made 3 of them for my king size bed. Played it over and over to make sure not to make mistake.Thanks.Better then trying to use pattern.

  19. I started back sewing and took my sewing machine and some fat quarters on vacation.. lol Came across this as I was looking for a ‘not so challenging’ project so I could dive back in. Not that this wasn’t a bit challenging, but your instructions were on point and very easy to follow. My pillow case is a little smaller but it’s beautiful! I love it. I’m going to make a couple for my grandson for his birthday using sports fabrics… Thanks for your time and you are blessed with patient teaching skills. Keep it up!

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