Flea Market Treasure Quilt Project Part 2

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As we’re filming this video, lots of other videos pop into my head. Like the cutting video … the pressing video … oh, and the pinning video. All these videos will help you get precise diamonds. Take the time and watch them. Even if you have quilted for years, these videos will refresh your skills. For those who are new to quilting, the videos will give you great lessons.

When checking your strip sets, use a 10 1/2″ square ruler and make your adjustments where necessary either by re- pressing or letting out or taking in a seam. Now using the 45 degree marking on your ruler, cut the angle so you can start cutting your pieces. Use only thin glass head pins to pin the units together.

I would add some of the applique to the squares and triangles before sewing it all together. You will have to add some after the quilt is sewn, but doing it this way will be easier to stitch.

When you are ready to sew the diamonds together, check out the video Set in Seams. This will walk you through how to sew the squares, triangles and diamonds together.

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