Meeting Perfect Points

Let’s get back to basics with one of our first videos … Meeting Perfect Points!

We originally released this video back in June 2010. It has been available for our members only, but we’ve decided to include it in our free videos available to everyone.

In this video, I show you how to pin match seams so that your points will nest together giving you a perfect intersection. It’s important to press the seams in opposing directions. Make sure the seams are nice and float so that they can sit together. Using glass head pins will help eliminate bulk that otherwise happens when you us the thicker pins. When piecing, I like to use a 50 weight thread.

My last tip is to drop your stitch to a 2.0 making those stitches smaller so that your seam sits flatter.

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2 thoughts on “Meeting Perfect Points”

  1. You have the best instructions of any web site I have visited! Everything is clear and easy to follow. Thank you for all the free videos you have available on line.

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