Flea Market Treasure Quilt Project

A friend showed me this beautiful book by Edyta Sitar. The name of the book is Scrappy Firework Quilts. I fell in love with the quilt on the cover and then I talked some friends into making this quilt with me.

We all got together, swapped 1 1/2″ strips and got started on our quilts. We were going to meet once a month and work on it together, but with my hectic life, I haven’t been able to work with them.

One Saturday night I received a phone call from them, they were ready to give it up. I decided to make this video showing them – and anyone else who would like to make it – the process I took to ensure that my strip sets would turn out right. I think we forget those basic steps we used to take when we first started quilting. Precision is extremely important when working with angles, and this stunning project deserves precision.

This is just the first video … stay tuned for more to follow in helping you make this beautiful quilt!

33 thoughts on “Flea Market Treasure Quilt Project”

  1. Hi Aimee and Marc,

    You guys do a great job and service. I thought the picture quality was very good. The church quilt group is almost ready to send you pictures of our projects from the material you donated. We are having so much fun with it.


  2. It was so wonderful to go into my e-mail and see your name and watch this great video. Watching these videos was like taking a trip down memory lane. Miss you and keep me posted.

    1. I am jealous of a couple of things.Your proximity to such cool little food places.Your mad photog skills. Are you a full auto kinda gal or do you fritter with the settings on the camera?

    2. Great article! I second everything Sheik wrote. I don't know how you manage to write so beautifully, convey what you want and need to. Very talented to say the least.Keliata posting anonymously because blogger is being a royal pain.


    1. Great Lucy, I’m working on a quilting retreat for kids, we are calling it “Me and My Shadow”. I’ll have more info about it soon,
      Thanks for watching,

  4. The taken of the video is great,but her micro phone is breaking off,and it is too hard on some demo’s..just look at it okay !

      1. That is correct(it comes out cracking and not smooth)You doing a great job,for these who love doing stuff with a machine.

        1. Thanks, Louise! I don’t have any sound issues when I play back. Have you tried some of the other videos to see if the sound is OK?

          1. Hi Marc.
            I did check the other web side and it was okay.
            Would it not be better if the lady wearing a headset instead of a clip on mick,b/c when she talk it sounds like she talking under the water.
            I wish you and the ladies to keep up the good work that you put on video.
            I like the way they demo the quilting.

  5. Hi, I wanted to know if I joined could I join mo to month, not a recurring chg? The reason I ask is I joined another Quilt website for only 1 yr & without notice my bank acct was chgd the fee & I didn’t have the $ at this time & I didn’t approve to be chgd that way. I really want to view, learn & enjoy your site I just need to know that I can pay month to month since I don’t know each time I can pay. Will you please let me know if this possible to do and also where can I buy that strip stick I think you stated to help with pressing ones seams? Thank you for your assistance & time with my questions. Have a blessed week.

    Cindy E.

      1. This makes me think of a Steven Curtis Chapman song, "You Make All Things New." All throughout Scripture, we find that God is the God of making things new: He makes us new creatures, He is coming back to give us a new heaven and a new earth. And it all started with the baby Jesus.

      2. Hallo René,grundsätzlich ist der Fall sehr schwierig zu beurteilen. Die mietvertraglichen Formulieren sind in meinen Augen rechtmäßig. Das Vorgehen ist allerdings nicht ganz sauber / fair. Auf der anderen Seite hätte ich an Ihrer Stelle nach fast 5 Jahren Mietzeit die Wohnung komplett renoviert und solchen Schwierigkeiten gleich aus dem Weg zu gehen.Viele GrüßeDennis Hundt

      3. I love the idea. Such a cool way at happiness, and really nicely shot. I hope it’s in cinemas, becaus eI think it would be amazing on a big screen.But I found the music annoying…maybe the public will love it.

  6. Hi Uncle Marc and Tia Amy! I’m going to start on my quilt it’s going to be fun. 😀 Love you.

  7. I, too, am interested in making this quilt. I hesitate for two reasons……. the cutting of the strips in 45 degree angles, and the setting of the square blocks into the large star. I haven’t bought any material and am anxiously awaiting your next videos before taking the plunge. Will an email be sent out when the next videos are available, or should I just keep checking your site? Thanks! Donna

  8. So many valuable small tips. I love that stick you used for ironing but could you spell it out? I couldn’t understand. Love you videos.

  9. I have watched both your wonderful videos and have started the Flea Market Treasure Quilt. Do you know the finished size of the wedges? I have cut all my strip sets diagonally and am ready to put them together but I would like to know the length of the diagonal strips tip to tip and the dimensions of each of the four sides and the length from tip to tip of the wedge. That way I can be sure that I am not way off before I go through all the work of putting together all 8 of them. I wish the directions in the book were more complete for sizes. Your videos have been very helpful in getting me this far. Thanks for any additional help that you might provide.

  10. I went to Morrisville, NC early this year with hopes of meeting you and was disappointed to learn you had moved. I think your videos are awesome, so easy to understand and follow. I would like to buy some of them if available on disk, just in case some day they are removed from internet. Thank you for being so kind to provide so many of them for fee. God bless you in your endeavors always

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