Video 13: Squaring Up Your Blocks

There are certain types of blocks that you have to be very precise on. Others you can square down to make them all consistent. In Video 13, I’ll show you how to make all your blocks consistent in size by trimming to the smallest block.

  • First find the smallest block.
  • Find the center or line up with measurement on ruler.
  • Trim right side and top.
  • Rotate block so you can repeat with other 2 sides.

It’s really that easy! Find a square ruler that is large enough, and that you can read. You also want to make sure that the ruler has grips on the back so it doesn’t move on you while you’re trimming. Repeat with the rest of the blocks.

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  1. Hi – I just found all your videos on You Tube – they are so very helpful especially to a beginner

    Thanks so much…….


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