Video 15: Quilt Hanging Sleeve

Wow … what a busy week! I had to drive to Florida to help Mom and Dad last week and this week we’re getting ready for the Cabarrus Show on Friday and Saturday.

But we did have time to film our next video …

How to put a sleeve on the back of your quilt so you can hang it!

I know it’s a long title but Marc insisted on shortening it up: “Quilt Hanging Sleeve”

Normally I use a 10″ width of quilt size for my sleeve, unless its a really small quilt or a wall hanging then you can go with a 6″ sleeve. It all depends on how big the hanging rod is.

Nothing magical here, just top stitch the sides and sew the sleeve (raw edges) to the top of the quilt, then hand stitch the bottom part just like you would your binding. I sew the binding and the sleeve at the same time. If you’re having problems with your binding, check out my “dreaded binding” video.

4 thoughts on “Video 15: Quilt Hanging Sleeve”

  1. A very good video production. Aimee’s demonstration was very clear and easy to follow. Marc’s camera skills allows the viewer to see what is happening all the time, even moving with the hands. I particularly liked the tip about extra room for the pole. This is the sort of thing one does not think about until after the event when you would have to unpick and redo. Keep up the good work.

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