Joining the Ends of a Binding

Just back from our annual Quilting in the Woods Retreat. So many of the ladies had questions about binding and how to finish. “What is the formula?” one asked. So I decided to do a short video on how to join the ends of the binding.

The formula is simple, take the size of your binding and subtract 1/8″ (e.g. 2″ – 1/8″ = 1 7/8″) this is the measurement you use when overlapping the binding.

This is a free video available to both members and non-members. If you’re ready for more clear and easy to follow video tutorials, sign up for membership now and become a master quilter in the comfort of your home!

P.S. new dates for QITW for next year is Jan 10-13th 2013. Price is $325 (includes lodging, food and laughter!).

12 thoughts on “Joining the Ends of a Binding”

  1. Great video, Aimee! The directions were very clear and concise. I am always looking for new ways to bind my quilts and I will use this method for sure. thanks very much!

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  2. I’ve been researching this technique a lot lately, and I’m totally intrigued. I’m a crocheter mainly who wants to knit as a change, but much more comfortable with a crochet hook. I’m always finding new techniques I want to try, and this is at the top of the list. The only problem is finding supplies – they don’t seem to be anywhere around me. I’d absolutely love to win this kit!!Keep up with the posts, as I need all the help I can get in getting started.

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