Video 21: Basting a Quilt

When basting a quilt your backing and batting should be 6 to 8 inches bigger than your top. Center your top, leaving the extra fabric on the outer edges. This way if you have some slippage, the back and batting will still fit. I like to tape the backing down with painter’s tape or masking tape, this will keep your backing taunt. Pins, pins and more pins. Start with pinning down and across the center of your quilt, then pin diagonally, use your fist to ensure you have enough distance between each pin. Don’t skimp on pinning, this will keep your top, batting, and backing in place.

4 thoughts on “Video 21: Basting a Quilt”

  1. The basting video may not be working on iTunes. For several days, my iTunes has tried to download it, and it downloads until the very last second, then dies. That’s at least my experience.

  2. I am a visual person, so when I can watch a video it makes learning so much easier. The instructions are very plain with a good amount of time to let them sink in.

    Thanks for a jog well done.

    1. coole sache, diese seite werde ich wohl ofters mal besuchen… soeben auf die favoriten hi&0agefuegtn#823z;mul schauen ob sich diese seite lang gut haelt danke an den autor an dieser stelle, der sich die muehe dazugemacht hat…

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