Silk Petal Challenge

Are you up for a challenge? Take the Bella Nonna Silk Petal challenge. Stop in at the shop  and pick up your entry form.

Rules and Regulations:

1. A recognizable amount of the Bella Nonna Silk Petals must be used as an integral part of the entry, and must appear in the body of the quilt.

2. Judging emphasizes originality and creativity, creative use of the Silk Petals, visual impact, and workmanship.

3. Your entry must be turned in by 6 p.m. on May 15th.

4. The quilt can be of any shape or size.

5. Each quilt must have a sleeve attached to the top back for hanging. The sleeve opening must be 4 inches wide after it is attached to the quilt, and must be attached in a way that it will not show when the quilt is hanging.

6. Quilt must be labeled with name and phone number.

7. All quilt layers must be secured with quilting or tying.

8. winners will be awarded gift certificates on June 26th.

9. Categories will include Best use of color, Creativity, and Viewers choice.

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