Video 19: Half-Square Triangles

Working with triangles can be tricky. You have to be careful not to stretch the triangles or you’ll have a distorted square.

In this video, you’ll be making eight 3″ finished units. Using a Quick Quarter Ruler will ensure you have straight diagonal lines. Once both sides of the two diagonal lines are sewn, you are ready to cut across, up, down and diagonally separating the units.

Now use your 3 1/2″ square to trim down the unit, run the diagonal line of the ruler down the diagonal seam of the square. A finished unit starts out being 1/2″ larger. so when we say 3″ finished, we start with 3 1/2″ and once sewn into the block the seams take up the 1/2″.

11 thoughts on “Video 19: Half-Square Triangles”

  1. Please send me the complete video of the half triangles. I am working on a quilt that is all half triangles and I need to know how to do the cutting., I am a member
    thank you

    all of your videos are a great help!!!

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    4. I love how you cut them up into triangles. I can’t be bothered using a cutter to cut them into circles, so I normally just dump the dough onto a tray, pat it out into a vague circle and cut it up into wedges. I call them Rustic Scones! I’m glad to see someone else who thinks outside the circle.–Katie.

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