Birthday Party Winners

Birthday Party

Thanks to all who came and celebrated our birthday with us last Saturday!

The winners are:

Jennifer Bratchie, Pam Harrington, Jean Gordick, Rebbeca Baez, Dorinda McClure, Sue Dobbins, Marybeth Tygielski, Ann Petruso, Sonja Simmon, Carol Hickson, Robbi Banks, Pam Beckwith, Mary Harrison, Karen Reardon, Dianna Powers, Nancy Regan, Angie Fulkenberry, Alison Green, Lillian Giles and Mary Ann Fogleman. Our $30 winner is Margie Hooper.

Congratulations ladies! Please stop in to get your prize!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Party Winners”

  1. Hi Aimee! I just realized I forgot to pick up my “prize” last time that I was in. I’ll try to remember it when I come in to get the Triangulations CD. Pam Harrington

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