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I’ve been working on an online shop for the past couple of weeks. It should be ready by early June. In an effort to make it your favorite online shop 😀 , I want to ask for your suggestions. Initially, we’re going to offer kits and some gift items. I’ll be adding fabric as well (this will take a little more time as I need to scan the fabric for the item image). I do a lot of shopping online and have my own likes/dislikes. I want to know yours. Please leave a comment below, or if you prefer, email us.

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  1. Online Store sounds great! Especially since I’m in Pennsylvania! I met Aimee and crew at Inspired, took both classes and couldn’t stay out of her booth at the market fair! I will LOVE to shop the online store! As far as likes and dislikes…I’ll take what I can get considering anything will be better than nothing for me since I’m such a distance! I know that’s of no help but I’m excited! I’ll be watching the website for the store opening!

  2. I like to see quilts, fabrics, etc. that reflect the region where the shop is located. It provides the fun of a road trip, and I can use the money I save on travel expenses on fabric — a win/win situation. 🙂

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